Cartridge Recomendation for SME IV Tonearm

Just got Oracle Delphi V turntable with SME IV tonearm!!!!
But no cartridge yet :( If possible I would like to stay within 1.000 dollars (used in great shape would be fine).
What would you recommend... what cartridge to get to make it sound best? It is going to be my only cartridge I would be using. I listen Rock/Punk/Progressive music mostly: (1970 -1990 period).
Thanks for your suggestions!
I would check out the Denon 103 line, I think they would have the sound you would like. I have used the 103 in an arm with about the same mass as the IV but I had sold my IV before I got my Denon so check with other users. The IV will take a wide range of cartridges and you should be able to find one well under $1000. I use a Denon 304 and an AT 33EV and both are available at around $500. Both are better balanced than the 103 but not as punchy so taste will be important.