Cartridge recomendation for Rega P25


I have a Rega P25 and would like to get some recommendations for a cartridge to mate well with this table. I don't like tweaking much so something that will plug in and work without much thought to VTA is highly prized.

I listen mostly to rock/pop and the rest of my system is as follows

Threshold T3i Preamp
Threshold Fet2 - (being used as the phono front end)
Bel Canto Evo 200.2
ProAC 1.5's
Kimber Silver Streaks

I am currently using a Shure V15 Type V, but I was thinking about trying a Dynavector or Clearaudio. Seems there are some good buys on Clearaudio if you are willing to shop overseas but I'd like to hear from some of you who have tried one of these with the Rega.

Thanks in advance,

Frankly, the Shure V15VxMR is the cartridge I would have recommended to you. It is an excellent cartridge that does not get nearly the "rating" that it deserves. It works without a hitch in nearly any tonearm, it tracks phenomenally well, handles warped records better than 99% of the cartridges on the market (due to its' damper brush assembly), has a very neutral tonal balance, and is one of the least "tweaky" cartridges you can own. At its discounted price, it is also one hell of a value.

Unless you need to scratch the audiophile itch, I'd suggest staying with your Shure. On the other hand, if you simply need some adventure and want to try something different, there are several cartridges you could try. A starting point might be one of the mid-price Grados, such as the Sonata, or the Reference (used). The one problem that some people encounter pairing the Grado cartridges with Rega turntables is their tendency to pick up magnetic hum from the Rega's motor. This may or may not be bothersome to you.

I believe your preamp can take a moving coil cartridge. Your rig is high end Hi Fi, and you don't want to be saddled with that mi fi at best shure. I think one of the best values right now for a cartridge is the shelter 501 mk II list $800
This is the same cartridge as the crown Jewel that was reviewed a couple years back by Michel Fermer of Stereophile, where he gave it a class "A" rating. At that time it listed at $2200.00 you can buy this cartridge and NEVER! look back. You will be amazed at all the music you were missing. This mc is a super trackers a lot of folks prefer this 501 to the $5000 plus euro cartridges. also you will notice that this mc is super quite.
I think a Dynavector is a good choice, out of the ones you mention.