Cartridge recomendation for Garard 301 and Ikeda IT-345CRI

Please recommend a cartridge for this set up. Budget is 2k range.

I like the "smooth with detail" types. Big and bold is good. Some interest in Ikeda and Miyajima cartridges.

I understand a SUT may be necessary.

Ikeda is perfect for low compliance cartridges (any of them if the compliance is very low) 
I'm sure any Myajimi (or Ikeda , SPU's and Miyabbes etc..)  sound marvelous on the Ikeda....I guess I'm struggling with the "Japenese" warm and rich sounding cartridges are sympatico with the majority of music I listen to. Here's a quote from a review of a Myajami:
"Wonderful tonality, dense background, palpable foreground—long story short, a classic example of a rich Japanese sound. I also realized quickly that it wasn't a "perfect sound" as the top Dynavector model, DRT-XV1t, delivered a better performance proving that there was much more information written in album's grooves, it delivered more distinct, more "live-like" sound. And yet Shilabe was (and still is) a remarkable proposal for those, who value a rich, warm sound."
Does this presentation offer long term satisfaction over time with the following music:
Grateful Dead, Little Feat, Stones and lots of Classic Rock, Motown, and early Funk. All kinds of Jazz; small club, "big and bold" jazz, modern and vintage.

Would a sharper leading edge provide more excitement over the long run?

I also listen to a steady diet of various Americana and Acoustic... which I'm sure the Rich Japanese sound would be sublime.

There is no Japanese warm sound. Koetsu is Japanese and warmer. Then you have Lyra, Zyx and many others that are the opposite. And the majority of cartridges are made in Japan anyways. I would recommend a slightly warmer quality for your style of music. Dynavector maybe. Good drive.  I’ve never personally heard a miyajima except for the mono. The other end Lyra, Zyx, etc. may lead to shorter listening sessions with rock music or anything less than nice sounding recordings.
Miyajima US distributor giving 7 day money back trial, who else can offer anything like that for a cartridge? Try it