Cartridge recomendation for Garard 301 and Ikeda IT-345CRI

Please recommend a cartridge for this set up. Budget is 2k range.

I like the "smooth with detail" types. Big and bold is good. Some interest in Ikeda and Miyajima cartridges.

I understand a SUT may be necessary.

Regarding IKEDA cartridges:
i think what is truly unique for IKEDA is cantileverless models, look here

Something like Ikeda 9c III , R or REX 
Those are the most dynamic cartridges! 

The Ikeda cantileverless designs are one-of-a-kind and capable of doing stuff no other mc cartridge can accomplish in terms of speed and dynamic punch. But I would advise against choosing it as your one-and-only cartridge for everyday use.

Why? Well, due to its design it simply cannot cope with even slightly warped discs that normal cartridges with a cantilever (even with very low compliance) can track with ease. So it is more a cartridge for special occasions.