Cartridge recomendation for Garard 301 and Ikeda IT-345CRI

Please recommend a cartridge for this set up. Budget is 2k range.

I like the "smooth with detail" types. Big and bold is good. Some interest in Ikeda and Miyajima cartridges.

I understand a SUT may be necessary.

I’m a big fan of the SPU sound as well. They have a recognizable ’family’ sound, but with interesting variations within that ’theme’. In fact the Phasemation shares some of their characteristics (remember ’big and bold’). The Royal is one of the more detailed as a result of the advanced tip, same as the SPU Gold Reference. The Anniversary models are very special but no longer available new, although some dealers still have some stock of the A95 (usually costing > $2k).

I can’t use a G or A type SPU with my arm, so it had to be an N. As for the Royal, I’ve used fine line styli for 30 years so that was more or less habit. There’s a bit more choice with a G type but for me it would be the Royal or the Century purely from prejudice. 
I'm looking pretty hard at SPU's but I get a little confused at their Replicant 100 stylus level and whether its really an SPU and the price starts competing with some pretty heady competition. 

In the similar price range my Dynavector xx2 also plays nice in my ikeda. Two very different presentations though. The spu royal n and xx2. 
The SPU is an old school design - dating back to the 1950's - but over the years many innovations that Ortofon introduced in more modern designs have been incorporated in certain SPU types. As a result these have a more modern sound, but also cost more.

Your preferred 'big and bold' presentation actually fits the SPU as a species pretty well, but the basic models are also rather crude, especially the ones with a conical tip. These have an almost religious following - not unlike the Denon DL-103 - but if you value audiophile capabilities like full frequency extension and reproduction of micro details and spacial information, these are very limited devices.

The 'higher end' SPU's - in some way a contradiction in terms - attempt to bring these typical audiophile aspects into the SPU design, while remaining true to its origin. The Replicant 100 tip (a variation on the Gyger tip) is capable of more detail retrieval than a standard elliptical stylus, let alone a conical one. This is why the SPU Royal and the earlier Gold Reference sound far more modern that other SPU's. The later SPU A90 and A95 Anniversary models have incorporated some innovations like SLM for lower resonance and less coloration. They also have a more modern sound, even while retaining a regular elliptical stylus.