Cartridge recomendation for Garard 301 and Ikeda IT-345CRI

Please recommend a cartridge for this set up. Budget is 2k range.

I like the "smooth with detail" types. Big and bold is good. Some interest in Ikeda and Miyajima cartridges.

I understand a SUT may be necessary.

Again, thanks for the ideas.

Phasemation is an interesting company. On initial observation seems like good bang for the buck and the black would look good with my diy Wenge Plinth.
Just take a look at hifishark: several Japanese dealers offer a brand new PP-300 for around $1100. At that price you won't find a superior cartridge. Unless of course you dare to go used, but that's a whole different ballgame.

@lokie what is your definition of ’polite’?

I installed the P-3G on my FR-64S to refresh my memory of its sonic presentation. ’Big and bold is good’ you say. Well, that is actually a pretty good description of the P-3G sound. Also, it has a very low noise floor, almost CD like. Without the (surface) noise, the music leaps out of the silence. The resulting dynamic ’jump’ makes for a big and bold presentation. Bass is deep, strong and tight. Mids are present and slightly forward. Highs do not stick out, but are not rolled off either. Does this sound ’polite’ to you?

I’ve just fitted an SPU Royal N to my arm, a Schröder rather than an Ikeda but if you want big and bold this is it, it’s also fluid and engaging. From what I can glean the Ikeda is high mass so should be ideal.