Cartridge recomendation for Garard 301 and Ikeda IT-345CRI

Please recommend a cartridge for this set up. Budget is 2k range.

I like the "smooth with detail" types. Big and bold is good. Some interest in Ikeda and Miyajima cartridges.

I understand a SUT may be necessary.

Of all the denon 103 based reworks the 'sculpture a' ones from Ana Mighty Sound seem pretty compelling. Only caveat is outputs are quite low so will need plenty of gain from your phono...
And yes your setup is optimum for lower compliance...
Oh no, this tonearm deserve a better cartridge than refurbished Denon
Oh no, this tonearm deserve a better cartridge than refurbished Denon
That's funny because that's what I've been living with to get myself started in analog. Its been fun but ready to try the something more.
I’ve been accumulating MC’s over the past 4 or 5 years now and the Denon DL 103r has by far been the worst I’ve tried and I quickly sold it again. There’s a religious fanclub out there, but as far as I’m concerned the only thing going for it is the cheap price. These fans will say such criticism is unjust and that you’ll need a very high mass arm to make it ’shine’. Your Ikeda is the very ’model’ of such an arm, so you can judge for yourself. Perhaps the various upgraded versions on the market are better, but you know what they say about polishing a turd.....

You won’t believe how much better you can do within your budget and you don’t even have to spend it all! There are many options, some great ones already mentioned here, but you should also include the Phasemation PP-300 (or its predecessor the P-3G). This is a great match with your Ikeda arm and can be found for less than $1500.

Again, thanks for the ideas.

Phasemation is an interesting company. On initial observation seems like good bang for the buck and the black would look good with my diy Wenge Plinth.