Cartridge rec.'s for Denon DP-60l

Hi all,
I need/want a new cartridge... under $300?
My setup:
Denon DP-60L straight original tone arm
Grado ZF-1 (old version of silver)
Bellari vp130 phono-pre amp
Mcintosh 4100 receiver
Monitor Audio Studio 6 speakers on stands
(the old name for Gold as I understand it)

Vinyl collection: I've got a range of vinyl from classic, vg condition jazz and soul (primary listening), to lots of used rock, country and blues. I'm pretty picky with the used vinyl I purchase, but it's not always mint.

Given the Bellari, I need to go with a HOMC as I understand it.

I've looked at:
the Denon DL-110 or 160: too artificial sounding?
Shure M97xe: open to going more $ if it equals higher quality-also, kind of ugly
Sumiko Blue Point 2: trying to avoid the $400 price point and worried it'll be too sensitive for the ho-hum vinyl.
Grado Platinum 1: too warm, too much hum for my warm rig? Beautiful. Much different from what I have?

Any other suggests? Should I just suck it up and go for the Sumiko? Should I sell the Bellari and consider an MM or LOMC (with a different pre?)
.... I'm lost. Thanks!
You need an MM, MI or a HOMC cartridge with the VP130 as it only has about 30 dB of gain. I highly recommend any in the 2M series by Ortofon as I have a Bellari VP130 too and use both a 2M Red and a 2M black in a Technics SL 1200 MKII with it. I had a Shure M97xe but the cartridge didn't provide enough high end "air" that I like. Anyway those are my suggestions based on current experience and satisfation. And the Bellari is a great phono stage, especially if you put a NOS Telefunken ribbed 12AX7 in it.
Interesting. Thanks! I didn't realize an MM was an option. Of course, that now gives me one more opportunity to be confused. I'm getting pressed hard by a friend to buy Dynavector DV10x5. Any thoughts if entering that price point? I'm going to research the 12AX7... I'm on a kick these days as autumn music listening season approaches.
DV 10X5 has 2.5mV output. This would be marginal for the Bellari, but might work fine if the Mac receiver linestage section adds enough additional gain. However, not only is MM an "option", but you should be looking primarily at MM or MI cartridges, preferably with an output of ~5mV. The good news is that there are many very very good sounding MM and MI cartridges from which to choose. In addition to the Ortofon 2M series, you might consider the MI cartridges from Sound Smith (assuming the output is sufficient) and any of several Audio Technica or Grado cartridges. AT is big player in this area, and you would be surprised how many higher end cartridges sold under other brand names are actually made by AT.
I had a DP-60L. Try a Nagoaka MP-150.
Go with the Grado!
I agree with Calbrs03 .... the Nagaoka MP-150 will make you very happy.
Thanks all, this has been really helpful; each of your comments has sponsored further, more directed research... exactly the beauty of this forum.

My local turntable shop (older mom and pop shop in Philly that's been around forever, deals in much higher end stuff, and seems reputable) has suggested I sell the Bellari, buy the DV 10X5, and save for a new, higher end, phono-pre. They suggest in the meantime, the difference between the Mac phono section and the Bellari won't be too terribly different, and going to a HOMC coil will be a significant improvement over the other cartridges I've researched at a lower price point. Of course what they really suggest is a cartridge at the $700 price point, but given I've just bought a fixerupper of a house, I'm going to have to lay off that.

Make sense to you fine people?

Cjeharnish, With regard to a phono section, read up on the Jasmine LP ($500 thru Amazon or Ebay). I use this with a Denon DL-S1 ($500 from Comet Supply or $800 from Galen-Carol). You won't be disappointed and you will have a chunk of money left in your pocket.

I originally had a Bellari, then a NAD 262, and various HOMCs. I purchased the Jasmine and modified the output capacitors for $25 and have never looked back.

Over the next couple of weeks I hope to be able to record a digital file. If you are interested, PM me.