Cartridge rec. f/Nottingham Spacedeck w/Space Arm

My system is:
Pioneer Series 20 F-26 Tuner
Pioneer Series 20 M-22 Class A SS 30 Watt Amp
Pioneer Series 20 C-21 Class A SS Pre-Amp w/ Phono-Input Res.(100/10k/25k/50k/75k/100k)Load Cap.(100/150/200/300/400/500)
Red Rose R3 Monitors w/ Ribbon Tweeters

I listen to mainly rock, pop, jazz, vocal, country & blues.
I'm looking to spend somewhere between $500-$1000 used.
A moving coil, possibly something lush, but not overly so, while still maintaining detail. Any suggestions?
When I had a Spacedeck, I had great sound with a Dynavector 10X Gold. It was better than the more expensive Grado Master. However, on the Well Tempered table the Grado was the clear winner. 10X Gold is I believe no longer available but you might try the 10X5 or 20X for similar quality of sound. This cartridge sounded better on the Spacedeck than on any other of the tables I tried it with. Leads me to believe it was a very synergistic match that really outshined it's modest price.
I am very happy with a shelter 501mkII. I have also heard it with a sumiko celebration and it was wonderful. For the money the Shelter is a great match. I did wear out my 501 after several years and replaced it with another at a reduced, trade in price.
Thanks Hifiharv and Davt for your recommendations. I'll definitely look into both.