Cartridge Rec.

Would like input on new cart to replace a Benz Woodbody, med. ouput. It has been rebuilt once by SoundSmith. I like the Benz, but willing to entertain other carts. System is Spectral electronics, phono pre is AcousTech Ph-1P, TT is VPI Aries w/new Classic 3 arm, Avalon Ascendent Speakers.
Thanks to all for any recommendations.
Might be surprised on how good the Ortofon Quintet Black is.
I've been looking at that. With a budget of $1000 I had that on my list. thanks.
Lyra baby!
Zyx is a good choice.
I will second the Qrtofon Quintet Black. It replaced a Benz Glider SH. It is more dynamically alive than the Benz but also better balanced. Notes that seemed to stick out with the Benz don't with the Black. Mid bass is better defined as well.
Setup is simplified with the square body. It needs a skosh of negative rake for VTA.
Rhljazz, just so ! On reflection I would say its a very coherent cart.
Thanks to all for your rec.