Cartridge rebuilds, whats your opinion?

I've recently won an Origin Live Resolution with Illustrious tonearm on e-bay. Needless to say I am thrilled with it. The seller had a Koetsu Red(Rosewood) fitted which clearly outclassed my Ortofon Kontrapunkt B, good as it is. So it should, it is twice as expensive. I'm tempted by the Koetsu, but the cost is difficult to justify on such a vulnerable item with a limited life span. I could consider it if a rebuild is a viable option. I know Koetsu will do it, but at a considerable cost. Here in the UK, a number of small outfits such as the cartridgeman offer competitive rebuild and retipping and I am sure a similar service is available in the US. Obviously the result will depend on whose doing it, but in general do you guys have any experience of non manufacturer rebuilds? If so, how close to the origonal can the rebuild get? It would be too much to ask to expect a 100%, but near would do. If it was a realistic prospect, I could justify it to myself(probably not the wife, but you can'nt have everything). Thanks, and greetings from across the pond
If it is not rebuilt by Koetsu, it's no longer a Koetsu.
Agreed with TWL. If you are going to have it rebuilt, best to have koetsu redo it. They pretty much fit a whole new unit to the existing wood shell, so it's like getting a whole new cart for 1/2 the price or less (forget the exact costs). Rosewood Sig. is $3500 new, but the rebuild cost is a hell of a lot less than that.

I have a rosewood sig. I got not long ago (used), which I am considering getting rebuilt, it's not cheap (as you mentioned), but you also end up with a $3500 cartridge at the end of the deal for a pretty reasonable price, and could likely get your $ back out of it if you dont' end up liking it.

So many cartriges, so little time. Why risk it?
Dear David: I have experience with the Koetsu rebuild: directly with Koetsu and through another retipping source and I can tell you that the " others " are really people that take care and they really know what they are doing. Any one that wants to do business rebuilding phono cartridges has to be an expert: it is a very hard task and you have to be very skillfully for do that job.
You mentioned cartridgeman, but there you have one of the best rebuilder: Stylus Expert, this boys build the 70% of all the stylus that are using in the phono cartridge industry ( highly recomended ). Other than these you have: Benz Micro and Van Denhul, great ones too. Don't worry about, your Koetsu it will be continue Koetsu.
TWL does not have " live experience " on this subject: he is inexpert, I think he is only " speaking " ( bla, bla, .. ), with out knowledge about it.
Regards and always enjoy the music.
Raul, you are quite liberal in your accusations of who has "live experience" with things.

Personally, I've had enough of your inexpert opinions.
I've also had quite enough of your haughty, arrogant attitudes.

You've already proven yourself to be severely lacking, and you continue to do so, as well as continuing to be an arrogant, ill-mannered poster.

Come back when you learn your manners.
Dear TWL: Why are you so angry?. If you really had " live experience " on the Koetsu subject, why don't share that " live experience " with David?
Don't speak, put your facts. That's what David needs.
If you don't have " live experience " on the Koetsu subject, then you are inexpert on that subject ( right? ): don't be angry,stay calm and be happy. This thread is not a contest.
Regards and always enjoy the music.
FYI, I've worked as the analog set-up guy at audio salons, and have sent many cartridges in for rebuilding, including Koetsu.

The rebuilds from other companies, while they may work well, do not use the same items or exact methods that Koetsu does, and Koetsu will not take a cartridge in for rebuild that has been already rebuilt by somebody else. The Koetsu cartridges that are rebuilt by Koetsu are still Koetsu cartridges. Any other rebuilder yields a "hybrid" which is a Koetsu body, with the other rebuilder's "guts". They do not have the resale value of Koetsu-rebuilt cartridges, do not sound the same, and are not the same.

Anybody who does have "live experience" with this matter, already knows this.
Raul, Here you go again, insulting people who are offering their advice with the sincere hope to help someone.
You need to under stand that the way you write to about people is tremendously rude and insulting ? How do you know that TWL does not have live experience with different types of re-tipping ? - You don't - This is what makes you so unwelcomed in the threads.
You write about things you know and those that you don't with the same intensity. This keeps anyone from valuing your advice and makes you look quite foolish and immature.
You can disagree with someone's point of view with out being disparaging. TWL tried to offer some advice in an honest effort to help someone. You can disagree with his statements and offer your own point of view backed up by your logic, but you don't have to be rude and annoying.
I also am tired of reading threads to find myself annoyed by your holier than now approaches.
Have you noticed that people get angry with you in many of the threads you visit and ask you to go away. Did ever stop to ask why that happens to you often and rarely to other people ? Maybe it is your behavior. People on this forum disagree all of the time, but usually do it in a polite and constructive way.
You have proved yourself time after time to be crude and ignorant of how to interact with other people. I suggest you get some lessons on communication and getting along with people before you open your mouth again on Audiogon. You really have a problem.
Tom – I know you don’t need me to defend you – you are quite able to fend for yourself, but I am sick and tired of listening to Raul’s mouth. Thanks to you for all of the time and effort you have put into Audiogon that has been of huge help to me and others. Rgds – Larry.
Raoul, you have been given constructive feedback. Take it.
Dear Cello: " How do you know that TWL does not have live experience with different types of re-tipping ? ".

If he really had the Koetsu re-tipping experience then why he don't give that information to David?.
Look, it is very easy: he don't have that experience. Period.
Regards and enjoy the music.
Larry: " Even what you are not eating do harm to you. "

If you don't want to read my opinions please don't read it. Is up to you.

BTW, TWL: " do not sound the same, and are not the same.". Stylus expert do the same work that Koetsu: it sound the same.
" Live experience " is what any one have in is own home audio system and TWL don't have it, at least you don't tell that ( maybe you never own a Koetsu cartridge with the rebuilding problem). Now, if you ( not other ones ) already had a Koetsu experience with Stylus Expert and they send back a different Koetsu cartridge, then an apoligize to you.

Dear friends, normally when I " speak " in this forum is because I have the " live experience ". Only when is extremly necessary I take the other people experiences.

I'm not trying to offend to any one, ever. My way is straight direct and my language problems don't help to have a better comunication.
Regards and always enjoy the music.
Thanks guys a warm discussion and a helpful one to me. I did'nt expect uniformity of feedback, you never do, but all the views are helpful. Sorry for the "warmth" of some of the opinions, no harm done I hope.