Cartridge re-tipping service: worth it?

A while back I saw an ad for a cartridge re-tipping service and was wondering if anyone has used this type of service and what your impressions were. I've got a Grado Reference which might be a candidate....
It all depends on who you use. I'd check out ‘Expert Stylus Company’ They have a stellar reputation and appear to be the most trusted name in examination, repair and overhaul of high end cartridges.
I have heard good things also about them. I just had a Denon 304 cantilever replaced by Soundsmith. It is larger than the original but sounds fine. It was $162 including return postage. I am going to have them do 2 more for me. Expert might well do a better job, although the Denon is not yet broken in and it sounds as good as I ever remember it sounding, but the expense and wait time will probably be 2 to 3 times as great according to what I have read on the web.
Easily worth it compared to the cost of a new cartridge.

I brought both my fidelity research cartridges back to life by sending to Mr. Van den Hul. He did a fantastic job and both sound great, plus I get to keep the cartridges that blew me away in like 1980.

I bought a broke Ort Kontrapunkt B and sent it to soundsmith recently as I have heard that he does great work.

Have a couple years on my vdh fr's and they still sound and track great.

Have Fun!
I used Soundsmith to retip my Technics 310MC. They did a great job but it took 8 months.