Cartridge Question

Hi All
I am a complete noob as far as analog is concerned so please excuse me if this a stupid question. 
I have recently purchased a Clear Audio DC package with the Clarify Arm and a Virtuoso V2 Cartridge. It was simple enough to mount the Virtuoso. I also have a Dynavector D17 that someone loaned to me. I decided to try and mount the Dyna which is much smaller then the CA. I did mount it but the arm rides to high and the needle wont make contact. If i lower the arm it has to go very low almost touching the record it self and is no longer paralell to the plinth. 
Am i missing something simple in the set up or do I need some sort of spacer between the Arm and the Cart?
Did you adjust your cueing control?  That has to be adjusted also with any change in VTA.
Do you have an experienced, qualified turntable retailer near you? It might be worth the money it will cost you to have him do the installation/adjustment, which you can hopefully watch. A cheap education!

Srafi, Paraneer has the right idea. Both the cueing height and arm height are adjustable. Remember to defeat the anti-skate while resetting tracking force. 

If these procedures are not in your manual, or unclear, get back to us. If you bought a used set up and need a manual(s), they are probably in the Vinyl Engine library - free download.


According to the PDF manual you need to (carefully) loosen a 2mm set screw in the front of the tonearm base. Lower the tonearm (carefully) so that it is parallel to the plinth when the record is playing. Tighten screw. Your height is probably factory set for the supplied Virtuoso. As a noob, if you like the sound, don’t mess around. Skip the Dynavector audition. You will quickly be in over your head. My 2 cents.
Thanks for the response guys. Let me explain the problem again. When I mount the Dynavector the arm has to be lowered significantly. In doing so the arm is no longer parallel. Also with the arm lowered the cueing mechanism is not effective. As in lowering and raising the queuing stick does not lower or raise the Cart. The arm rest still lowers or raises but the arm it self is not in contact withe the armrest so it has no effect. At this point I realised that the cart did not have enough weight to effect the arm so I tried to set the tracking force which won't go above .3 grams. Now I realise that I have to move the tracking weight to give me some more weight as it is factory set for the slightly heavier CA MM cart. Will try again next week. 
You might find reading the manual worthwhile.
Basically you need to
Ensure the cartridge is mounted in the slots using the tonearm template.
Ensure the tracking weight is correct.
Level the tonearm so it is parallel to the record.
Adjust the height of the arm lift mechanism so that the arm can be raised & lowered from the record.
Set anti skate - this cancels out the skating force which tends to pull the arm in towards the centre due to the offset angle that the cartridge is fitted. Usually the track force less 0.5gm is a good starting point for antiskate.
Here is another useful article -

Thanks for explaining srafi, but we know what your problem is. The installation of a new cartridge will cause a totally new calibration of your tonearm. Follow Dover’s instructions and links he provided. They are quite clear.

Again, pay special attention to cueing mechanism. The whole unit will adjust up or down - its the fat cylinder that the piston connected to the arm lift is in. There should be a hex key slot to raise or lower the whole mechanism in conjunction with any change in VTA. If in doubt how to do this, suggest you take your TT to an authorized dealer for cartridge mounting and proper calibration. A Dynavector is too nice a cartridge and fragile to run the risk of damaging it.