cartridge plays the radio

My MC cartridge picks up a radio station. resistant to all fixes tried. Thinking of trying MM or MI cartridge but scared will run into same problem. Has anyone had this problem with an MM or MI cartridge?
Need more info. What phono stage is it? Does it have separate inputs for low output and high output cartridges? Or a single set of inputs, with a gain adjustment provision? Or a single set of inputs with no gain adjustment provision? What phono cable are you using?

-- Al
Can you select which radio station to listen to by changing records?

Have you checked to see if it will work as a second remote for your TV?
Arm is SME V with standard, I believe, VDH interconnect. Phono stage is Blue Circle BC27. Single set of inputs without gain adjustment. Anticable IC out to Cary SL98 preamp.

According to this page the BC27 provides selectable gains of 58 and 40 db. Perhaps that selection is made via a switch that is internal to the unit. I assume that your MC is a low output MC, and you are presently using 58 db of gain.

You would most likely have to use the 40 db setting with a MM or other high output cartridge. My suggestion is that you temporarily change to that setting while your present MC is in place, set the volume control to a physical position that is similar to the positions you presently use (which will of course produce much lower volume than it presently does), and see if you hear the radio station (with no music playing).

I think that should give a reasonably good (although not conclusive) prediction of whether or not going to a MM would resolve the problem.

Good luck! Regards,

-- Al
AFAIK, the Anticable interconnects aren't shielded. That's probably what is causing the problem. Try switching to any type of shielded cable to see.

From the website: "double shielded option is available for use with turntables or extra RFI/EMI protection"

So unless yours have this "option" they are acting like a great big antenna...
Kbo, even if you have the double shielded version, I don't consider that enough shielding for a phono signal. It's just 2 wires coiled around the + conductor rather than 1. You really need 100% shielding here.
I too have had (in the past) radio playing through my LP
turntable system. (At the cartridge clips, the wires coming out of the tone arm to the cartridge approx. 1" ), I twisted the right +&- together and Left +&- together only 3 turns(NOT twisting the left and right channels together) The FM signal stopped at once. And I have never had that problem since.
I hope this works for you,
Jim C.