Cartridge & phono preamp for Denon DP-60L

A few years back I purchased a new pre-pro (Denon AVP-8000) for HT and music. I was aware that this unit had no phono stage so I had to pack my DP-60L turntable away until another day. Well that time has come for something new. I thought of setting up my old Denon gear (POA1500 & PRA1000) setup which had a very nice mm/mc phono stage, but I have no extra room to have two systems setup, well I do but try and tell my wife that. My question is I need to purchase a phono preamp and perhaps a new cartridge for my TT and get back into listening to my collection of albums. I have been using a Micro Acoustic mm cartridge, which is still mounted on the Denon and sounded very good, but it is old. I would like to stay under $700.00 for both pieces if possible. Any suggestions of what would work well on the Denon would be greatly appreciated.

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The Denon DL 103 and the Lehmann should be a good combination.