Cartridge/Phono Preamp/Compatibility

This question has plagued for some time and would appreciate any assistance offered. Have a Well Tempered Referece Table purchased with a low output Benz Reference cartridge. Presently using a PH3 phono preamp driven by a Rogue Magnum Tempest 90. I am very pleased with the sound but limited by the volume ceiling. Is it better to get a higher output cartridge (the Benz is 7 years old) or to replace the PH3 which is 5 years old. Have thought about a stepup but really don't know which way to turn. Was using an Anthem preamp as the stepup but that seems to have gone the way of all flesh.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

I have tried many combinations with my Well Tempered and have found the low output cartridges to sound excellent with a high output phono stage. I use an EAR 834p which has enough gain to work great with my passive preamp and even less efficient speakers (Maggies). If you like the sound of the EAR, get Mitch Singerman to modify it for you for another $350 and get some NOS tubes. I use a combo of Amperex and 5751.

I hope the cartridge wasn't sitting around for 7 years??? The needle gets stiff from what I am told and may need to be rebuilt????

On a side note: If your table is an older model, you may consider having a guy that goes by the name of SHERO modify it for you. He did my WT arm, wire, and rca block. Great improvement over stock setup. Also, I found that the azimuth setting is very important to get the best from the table. It can be a little tricky to set up.

In my opinion, the arm can handle many cartidges. I have mine set deep in the silicone because of the stiffer cartridge I currently run with it (Shelter 501), but it never sounded better! I have had med and high compliance cartidges on it in the past, and none sounded as good. The Denon 103R (stiffer, low output) is also an excellent cartridge on this table.

Write if you want the full "Low down". Good Luck!