Cartridge (other than Rega) with Rega RP10

I've had a Benz RubyZ with my Rega RP10 for several years now, a very nice combination. I was wondering what other RP10 owners might be using and recommend, other than the Rega cartridges.
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The Lyra Delos was pure magic on my RP10 until my now ex GF broke the cantilever off while house sitting when I was away some time ago.
The rebuild was more than I paid for the Delos to begin with so I grabbed an Apheta 2 which is really quite good but the Lyra was really stunning on the RP10.
Did she become your ex because of the damage? Folks need to know.
If you know the mass of the arm then you can easily find compatible cartridge, just make sure the dynamic compliance of the cartridge measured at 10Hz and don't forget the mass of the cartridge and screws. Here is the article. I think it must be mid compliance and most likely the arm is mid mass. 
I have been using a Lyra Kleos on mine since day one. In advice from Jonathan Carr (Cart designer) I was able to acquire shims for 3.5mm  at the base of the tonearm. Mr Carr recommended 3.4mm but unless I have shims specially machined, which I may do someday, I figured .1 mm can’t be that crucial with varying LP thickness. 
Something to ponder should you decide on Lyra, I think they are all the same height. But I do find the Rega and Lyra work well together when set up correctly.  Years ago I had a Rega P25 and used a Benz Glider and traded to a Lyra LydianB and found the Lyra much more pleasing.
Good Luck
The Benz Ruby is a fine cartridge. Period. It was fine on my Graham arm, it was fine on Origin Live too. Arms do make a difference. Tables matter. Everything matters. But the idea you have to match the one with the other, where does this come from? Why?
Thanks theo and audiojedi. Is there a Lyra "house" sound?
Is there a Lyra "house" sound?

A good MC cartridge must be absolutely neutral. Personally i have a phobia about cartridges with unprotected cantilever (like Lyra), it is so easy to bent!

Thanks for your comment, chakster. I understand your point of view, but In my 45 years listening to a wide variety of audio equipment, including cartridges, I have found none to be "absolutely neutral." Every component has a different way of presenting tonality, scale, force, momentum and a variety of other aspects of music that can be described.
@ladok this is one of the reason no one can tell you which cartridge is the best for your setup if another user setup is different, right? 

As for the neutrality of the cartridges it must be compared to the master tape during disc mastering process. These guys did it, read it

The Lyra Delos is a wonderful sounding cartridge. Dynamic and natural sounding.
Ladok, sorry especially one responding earlier. But yes, I consider the Lyra as a house sound. I find they have a delicate revealing sound with over analyzing. Top to bottom I find them to deliver what is ever in the groove. To a point that I have experimented with adjustments and find that extraction increases as if the cartridge can read it, if the tonearm settings and cartridge alignment are correct. That said, I am sure this is with any cartridge, the full potential of a good cartridge is dependent on set up. Like the best tire can’t fully perform with bad alignment and suspension. 
As far as the Lyra House Sound, you need to experience it to know if you will love it. Is there a Rega dealer in your area that sells Lyra. See if he is willing to set one up for you. Regardless of which cartridge he uses, you should get a feel for the sound Lyra brings to the table.
Lyra is very expensive cartridge, it depends how far you can go ... 

Dynavector KARAT 17D2 or next models with short Diamond Cantilever could be a good choice for less money. 
I have a Sumiko Songbird that I broke right away and have rebuilt now by Andy from Needle clinic with Saphire micro Ridge. I’m using a orthofon 2m for now. How would you guys rate my songbird over the Lyra?
Where I am the 17Dx and Rega Apheta 3 are the same price and the Delos is cheaper than both. The 17D3 used to undercut the Delos but the change to the brass bodied Dx came with a hefty price increase.The Rega will have a good chance of correct VTA on a Rega deck, you’ll have to shim the others if they need adjustment.
Dynavector with short Diamond cantilever is great and this cantilever is very well protected, the other two cartridges with long cantilever in front of the cartridge can be smashed easily and it will be a tragedy. 

17D2 mkII 
Apheta 3 

When I first got the RP10, it came with a Rega cartridge, the original Apheta maybe, I'm not sure. But whatever it was, it was hard, bright and unlistenable. I had it quickly changed out to the Benz. Hopefully Rega cartridges have improved since then.
Modern Rega MC cartridges actually sound very good - not at all like the original Apheta.  Popular non Rega choices here in the Toronto area include LOMC designs from Dynavector, Hana, Ortofon and Clearaudio.

I recent heard the Ania on a new P8 and it was stunning.