Cartridge Opinions - Sorry

Yeah, another dumb "what's your opinion on these cartridges" thread. Back in the late 80's we had dealers where you could listen to the stuff.

So anyhow I have a Linn LP12 with Ittok arm and a 30 year old Audioquest B200L cartridge. I'm running it through the phono stage of a Jeff Rowland Coherence One into a Spectral DMA90 through a set of Kef R300's.

I prefer a little more laid back sound (err on the side of forgiving instead of fatiguing) but I like a lot of upper end detail, precise soundstaging, air, etc.

So far I'm considering an Ortofon Quintet S Black, Hana SL or a Benz wood - something at or below the $1k level.

I'd love to hear any opinions, suggestions, and experiences with those cartridges or others in the price range. I could possibly go higher if there is something out there that really shines for less than $1,500.


Ha! Yes, that's what I asked for. Thanks for bringing it up.

It's cool, if people are exchanging other info or just having a gold old fashioned pee pee contest, I don't mind. I was able to extract some useful info.

Please carry on.
Most of us can agree with @clearthinker on this, exchanging ideas without attacking other people we've never met.
Not too long ago I posted on the forum to bring some attention to the reel to reel format and was told by one of our forum regular posters that the reason why I like reel to reel is because there's something wrong with my vinyl setup.
I think some of us will get more respect and be viewed as the forum expert when we can respect others' opinions a little more.  


Actually you and I are not to far off. You just have had maybe a little more time (and maybe money☺!) than my hihfi budget can afford right now.

My current phono preamp is MM only but my next phono pre upgrade will have a internal SUT. I actually have been a big fan of JICO styli too but right now I’m only interested in vintage cartridges such as the Audio Technica AT-ML180/OCC or OFC cartridges and the OEM corresponding styli.


I’ve always admired the courteous and gracious manner when you respond to others posts. You remind me of an old school gentleman always willing to share and teach in layman like terms to explain the most complex points of music reproduction. Please don’t change, for no one.

And much thanks to you for helping me understand what an OTL tube rig is.

Although I do agree with others here that the stylus and cartridge maybe more important than the tone arm WHEN mechanically reproducing sound from vinyl.


This thread is actually quite tepid compared to some others here on gone, or haven’t you noticed before?