cartridge on budget table?

at what point do experienced vinyl guys draw the line when it comes to spending on cartridge vs looking into a better table? I have a old Onkyo 1027p and the Audio technice budget cart isnt seeming to cut i, very etched high frequency....can anyone guide me in a good direction for performance on the cheap, sorry to add but a disability limits my funds a great deal, I also think a more laid back top end sound would suit my very detailed speakers well, also for info I am using a PS Audio 4.5 Pre for phono with Innersound Eros speakers fed by a tube pre, thanks all, I have caught a glimpse of the vinyl magic but hope to try diffrent semi-budget needles on my table till hopefully one day a more precise table can be had,,,again thank you for your time and help, Chad
Oyster cart. which is on my Project TT (Least expensive model) is pretty darn good. The cart. retails for $60 I believe. Denon makes a high output coil cart. which is very good as well. DL something...retail around $130.
Have you worked with the VTA. Improper arm height can make a cartridge sound just as you described.
What about a Dynavector 10x5.
yes I have Newbie, only seems I can do so much with this set-up, I even tried 3 phono stages, the P.S. Audio, an Old
Carver and A Proton, just cant loose that very top end grain, a friend from AGON is coming out today maybe he can help me out, thanks guys for tips, keep them coming
Could be your performance is simply maxed out. Hard to draw blood from a rock you know.
Have you considered a Shure M97xE? I currently use one in place of the Rega Elys listed on my system page. It's not the most exciting-sounding cart out there, but it is slightly warm and very non-fatiguing, which seems to meet your needs. There is a lengthy review in the Reviews>Analog section here on Audiogon, and it is available at for $60 with free shipping.

I know Judy, just trying to get by, thanks all
It wasn't meant as a slam Chad only an existing possibility. The reality of the situation is that you might be getting the most out of the combination, no more no less. Jeepers.
I second the Sumiko Oyster as a good choice. Pretty refined and forgiving IMO. You do need to find out if it's a good match for your arm. I suspect it is.
I find Shure V15s of various vintages turn up at flea markets on old 'tables for 5-20 bucks. I found a Type III that didn't even need a new stylus that way. Sold off the 'table for $20. Can you beat that on a budget?
Hey Judy,
No I wasnt mad, it is hard to convey context and emotions in type, I was agreeing with you.
A friend from AGON came out and my Cartridge was 5mm off so that and a Oricole pad on the platter has helped bunches, I see some light at the end of the tunnel!
Wow! 5mm is a mile! Do you mean in VTA? I'm glad you're getting some improvements!
It is my first table in a long long time, the fellow AGON member who put it on was off a bit, the 5mm was at the point where the cartridge mounts to the tone arm