Cartridge / Needle Repair

Thanks in advance for your help.

I need to have my cartridge repaired. I went to use my TT this weekend and discovered that the stylus on my cartridge was missing.

I sure as hell know that I didn't do it. My wife and kids have developed amnesia. (funny how that happens).

Does anybody know where I can send my cartridge for repair?
Give these guys at call or email.
Why not identify the cartridge? You might get more responses if people knew what they were trying to help you with.
Sound-Smith is certainly one good possibility -- but if you'd share with us the make/model of your cartidge, there might be other, better(?) ones.

BTW styli sometimes DO just fall off! (Some makes are more notorius than others.) So don't blame anyone yet ;-)
The cartridge is a Transfiguration Spirit.

Unfortunately, I've looked all around and didn't find styli anywhere around the unit. I'll take another look though.

It wouldn't matter if you found it. I'd start by contacting the US distributor and finding out what a fix or an exchange would cost:
Also, AgoN member Bill Feil (audiofeil) is a dealer, you could ask him as well:
Whatever you do don't send it to Andy Kim at the needle clinic. I just got 2 cartridges back from him that I sent and he screwed them both up. One has no output on one channel and the other has reversed phase and a collapsed suspension now. 
Well, it has been 7 plus years.  What did you do and how did it turn out.  This is one of the things I dislike about these forums in general.  Someone comes here or goes there for advice.  Advice is given, sometimes with some effort and back and forth debate.  Then the OP rarely posts their decision or results so we are all left hanging.  Creak.....creak.....creak.