Cartridge mV questions

Hi everyone,
why do MC cartridges range from ( eg.) .15 mV to 4.0 mV. Is there advantages
of having lower or higher mV's ?? Please explain .........
Usually, the low output cartridges have a low output because they have fewer turns of wire in the coil. Fewer turns mean lower mass in the moving parts (can respond more nimbly) and also lower electrical resistance in the coil. The big tradeoff, is that the phono stage has to have more gain to compensate for the lower output.
Lower voltage (ie lower compliance) cartridges will match best to tonearms with more mass to produce a resonance frequency below audible (20 hz or so) which is desirable for smoother response. Higher voltage matches to lower mass tonearms for same purpose.

I think I have this right. If I screwed it up, someone please let me know.
Larry, thanks I totally get that, makes sense.

Mapman, that's interesting, my Clearaudio Unify 9 has an arm mass of 9.
I am not sure what it means, does someone know if 9 is a high or low mass
and what mV cartridge would suit it best????

Dear Mapman/Slates: The resonance grequency subject is something where the cartridge output level has nothing to do about, the resonance frequency is a measure to try a better tonearm/cartridge match where the tonearm effective mass, cartridge weight and cartridge compliance are taking in count to determine the resonance frequency that ideally has to be at 10 Hz but is very good between 8-12 Hz.

Larry reference: +++++ " Fewer turns mean lower mass in the moving parts " +++++ , is a different " figure " that means that a cartridge with lower mass moving parts it will be a better tracker but almost nothing to see with the tonearm/cartridge resonance frequency.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Hi Raul. I am sorry, unfortunately I don't understand what your describing,
is there any way you or someone else can explain in layman's terms? I am looking at buying a cartridge and it would great help, if I understand how to match the cartridge to the arm.

Matching cartridge to phono pre-amp and tonearm properly is unfortunately a complex subject. There are multiple parameters to consider in order to truly tune it best.

A better approach might be to specify what table, tonearm and cartridge you use currently. Then someone might be able to suggest options that work well based on similar experience.

I guess that would help, my phono stage is an ARC PH3SE,
my TT is a Musical Life Jazz, and the tonearm is the
clearaudio unify 9, my phonostage has a gain of 54 dB, together with my ARC ref 1 preamp it has a total of 66 dB of gain.
If I have left something out let me know.....

The Needledoctor site indicates the clearaudio unify 9 arm works well with various Clearaudio phono cartridges. You might find some more useful info there.

I suspect the ARC phono pre must accept both low and high output cartridges. Assuming that is the case, it should not be a limiting factor in cartridge selection.

Maybe someone with experience with your equipment can offer specific suggestions? OTherwise, maybe contact Clearaudio and see if they can suggest something.

For what it's worth, I use a Denon DL103r low output, low compliance MC cart on my Linn Axis with Linn Basik tonearm and it sounds great.