Cartridge mounting on graham phantom

When I mount my Koetsu Jade platinum and set the arm parallel to the record the cartridge is definietly tilted up in back,has anyone experienced this or do I have a faulty wand.I thought the top of the cartridge should be level with the arm wand.
I believe the Koetsu Jade Platinum has the standard Koetsu rectangular shape, and there should be no tilt up in the back. Have you made sure there is no obstruction caught between the top of the cartridge and the headshell? If not, then either the Koetsu is imperfectly shaped or the arm is defective. Use the warranty.
Dear Strapper: I don't think is an arm wand problem ( you can ask about to the Graham people ).
My experiences with Koetsu cartridges is that are not perfect build cartridges. They have small differences between them.
Now, do you have the quality sound reproduction that you know your system can give you?. If not, you can have to check the VTA/SRA/VTF/Overhang of your analog rig and if you have it, then don't worry about.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Got the same problem , second position arm tilt back at begiining or end of disk, arm must be posizioned perfectly with ghaham mark nearest possible to platter. in addition smetime is needed to lower cart putting some spacer below the shell. only way to get out of this problem who was driving me crazy.

i had a similar problem whereas my arm height was too high
for my koetsu
i solved this using the cartridge mans isolator.
a thicker platter mat would also have solved this
I used a spacer for my Koetsu as well, but w. a SME V.