Cartridge matching for NAD c160/c162?

My specific question is this: how low an output cartridge can I reasonably get away with in this pre? I can't find specs for the MC gain, so I would appreciate whatever data people have.

Phono specs below. Found it with Google. Hope it helps.
NAD C162 Preamplifier

The NAD C160 is our ultimate Classic Series preamp. It has everything needed for highest performance, including a phono preamp section that handles either moving-magnet or moving-coil cartridges.

Its feature list includes:

6 line level inputs incl. 2 Tape in/outputs with dubbing facility
2 line level preamp outputs; one is variable from 0dB to Ð12dB
Switchable MM and MC phono input
Gold plated in and output sockets
Pure "Class A" discrete amplifier modules
Independent headphone amplifier
Bass & Treble control with Tone Defeat switch
Full Remote Control
"Blue Velvet" Alps motorized volume control
NAD Link
Input switching through hermetically sealed relays
12V trigger

C160 Specifications
Phono Inputs
Input impedance (R and C) MM 47k ohms + 470pF

MC 100 ohm + 1nF
Input sensitivity MM 2.10mV MC

MC 115microV
Input overload at 20Hz/1kHz/20kHz MM 20mV / 230mV / 2V

MC 1.3mV, 12mV, 110mV
Signal/Noise ratio MM 80dB (1k Source)
(A weighted w/cartridge)
77dB (IHF Source)

MC 81dB (10 ohm Src)

76dB(100 ohm Src)
THD (20Hz - 20kHz) and IM distortion

(5V rms at Tape out) MM/MC <0.03%
RIAA response accuracy MM, MC ±0.4dB
Infrasonic Filter 12dB/Oct, -3dB@10Hz
Line Level Inputs (CD, Video, Tuner, Tape1, Tape2, Aux)
Input impedance (R and C) 500k ohms, 320pF
Input sensitivity ref.0.5V 150mV
Signal/Noise ratio, A weighted ref. 0.5V >100dB
Frequency response, 20Hz-20kHz Tone Defeat ±0.2dB

Tone In ±0.3dB
Voltage gain (Max Volume) 10.5dB
THD + SMPTE + IHF I.M. at 1V in <0.01%

at 5V in/out <0.03%
Maximum i/p level 20Hz/1k/20k 17V
Line Level Outputs
Output impedance Pre Out 75 ohms

Pre out2 (Variable) 350 ohms

Tape Source Z + 1k ohm

Headphones 100 ohm
Maximum output level Pre Out 15V (IHF Load)

Tape 15V (IHF Load)

Phones 10V ( 600 ohms)

190mV (8 ohms)
Controls (Volume Setting @ 12:00 position)
Treble ±5dB@10kHz
Bass ±5dB@100Hz
Physical Specifications
Dimensions (WxHxD) 17.1 x 3.1 x 11.25" 435 x 80 x 285mm
Net Weight 10.6lbs 4.8kg
Shipping Weight 13.2lbs 6.0kg

$ 599.00

Nad replied to my question eventually, and here is the text of their message:

"Thank you for your recent request via the NAD Electronics web-site. I spoke
with technical services regarding your questions, and here is their input:

If the MC input is used there should not be a problem unless the cartridge
output is really low,say below a average of 100 microvolts ( 0.1mV).

The sensitivity of your speakers and and your power amplifier input
sensitivity will also come into the equation.

There is no problem with the standard range of ATC , Ortofon and Denon MC
cartridges when using the T162.

Best regards,

K. Pritchard

This, of course, only addresses the gain, the fixed loading on the MC input may be another factor to consider.