Cartridge Match For Triplanar Arm

I am looking for a good match for a Triplanar arm that is in the 1.0 mv range, I listen to classic rock n roll, blues, and jazz most of the time. I realize my phone stage is the weak link right now but I am not ready to change it yet..
Gonna try the Soundsmith (Sotto Voce)...Same cart. as The Voice just medium output instead of high...
We've been using the Grado wood body cartridges with excellent results!

The kind of music you listen to will not make any difference to the cartridge. The nice thing about the Triplanar is how easy it is to adjust it so you have a wide range of cartridges available to you.
I had a Grado once didn't care for it that much...
A lot depends on how its set up.

The Triplanar is so adjustable that your chances of getting a cartridge to really track properly are excellent. I find that to be more important in the end than the actual cartridge.

Loading is certainly an issue BTW. Some preamps are a bit unstable so loading a low output cartridge can become critical. Almost all high output cartridges on the other hand respond directly to loading (in case it was not clear, loading of low output cartridges affect the **preamp** not hte cartridge). So that is always worth investigation.
Yes agreed that's why the 1.1 mv output of the Sotto Voce should be about perfect for my pre-amp.