Cartridge match for Lustre 801 GST Technics SP1O

Hi: I'm David, a recovered Vinylholic, returning voluntarily to spinning discs. It's been a while.

I have a Technics SP10 MkIIA, a 60 pound aftermarket plinth of Baltic birch, and a Lustre 801GST arm.

I don't know the compliance rating of this new [to me] arm, nor what family of cartridge would match it well.

A Dynavector XX-H cartridge recently gave me one of my three top listening experiences, mounted in an SME10 table and an SME V 9" arm, with Magico V2s driven by Spectral electronics and MIT cabling.

This experience was defining for its clear and transparent separation of individual instruments, keeping each balanced with the others, separate, and clearly positioned on the soundstage. Further, on Muddy Waters' Folk Singer, both guitars were distinguishable by the texture that defined the instruments' different sound boards. Steel strings were unmistakably steel, touch was rendered with great subtlety, and inflection of voice was completely engaging and irresistible: I couldn't interrupt an album side because the listening was so palpable and real-sounding. You've heard this level of performance. I want to recreate it.

Is this Dynavector a suitable cartridge to use with the Lustre arm? Clearly, since I have to ask this question I don't know what I'm up to, so I place myself in the vulnerable position of asking for assistance toward creating a balanced, revealing but above all MUSICAL presentation with my own system which is the Aurum Acoustic Integris system, a hybrid 300-B tube based full range unit which provides the phono stage through the CDP.

Small vocal groups, some Early Music, occasional rock and female vocals are my listening preferences. I like Patricia Barber, despite her popularity and headiness. I still listen to Joni Mitchell and James Taylor, but like Roberta Flack, Frank Zappa and The Doors.

If you have a recommendation for tonearm cabling, I would like to hear that as well. I intend to have the Lustre rewired so the cable is continuous from cartridge to input jack.

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience. I am grateful for this forum and its contributors' expertise.

If you have the capability of doing a low output MC, the Lustre is a perfect match with the Denon 103 series (either straight 103 or 103R depending on your budget and expectations).

The Denons, when matched with an appropriate high mass arm, and subjected to a couple of modifications, namely replacing the plastic body with an aluminum or wood version and then retipping with a line contact stylus (around $250 from Soundsmith) are capable of top class performance at a fraction of the price of the exotic cartridges.

The hottest deal I've seen on an aluminum body is below (I have absolutely no affiliation with the seller); the wood bodies (I have a strong preference for the Ebony, especially with a Soundsmith retip) are pricier around $150.
Dear Cdk84: You can use almost any cartridge ( MM/MI/MC )
with good overall performance.

Remember that in the Lustre you can change the headshell for
try different headshell build material or weights and in
this way you can " match " the sound you like it.
Remember too that the headshell wires can makes a difference
in quality performance, try to have the best you can find.

Other subject that you could take in count is that the
Lustre is a dynamicaly balanced design so you can apply the
VTF dialing the VTF control or you can apply the VTF in
static balanced way through the counterweight movement or
even you can apply the VTF in hybrid way.
Which way could be better/sounds?, you will have the answer
when you test it.

regards and enjoy the music,

regards and enjoy the music,