Cartridge loading for Pass Labs Xono

Was wondering what loading you use with your Xono, and with what cart. Output info for your cart would be helpful.
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A general view says higher impedance will yield more sparkle or sizzle. This can compensate for a dead room or exacerbate a live one. Unless you've got a moving magnet, start at 100 Ohms and go up in 500 Ohm increments, then come back down in smaller increments. Go with what sounds best to your ears, stick with that for a month or so, then go up or down to see if you hear a positive difference.

The trick with the XONO is to only use as much gain as you need to drive the cartridge and hold down preamp tube rush (if you have a tubed pre), but no more . The unit will sound edgy when gain is higher than needed. The 61dB setting will strongly drive a .5mv moving coil. Experiment - lower gain may yield less distortion.
Thanks for your insite. I spent about 12 or 15 hours over a few days and came up with a loading of 76.31. My cart output is .24 volts. It really sings. I'll try this for a few weeks or so and perhaps try tweaking it a bit more, but truthfully I think this is "it". Really jaw-dropping!BTW my pre is a solid state Pass X-1.
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I have an Xono and AirTight PC-1, (.5mV). I have set the gain to lowest setting and the loading to 22 ohms. I'm surprised this low setting sounds the best, but it is a good combination of clear, clean highs, rich mids and deep, full, articulate bass. I also just switched from the balanced to the single-ended outputs from my Xono to Pass XP-20. The RCA circuit is simpler and sounds better.
I'm using a Koetsu Urushi Black, 0.4V output. The gain is set to lowest level and the loading is "now" set to the Koetsu recommended 30 ohms (listed on Elusive Disc specifications). When I dropped, after reading Peterayer's post here, from 71.35ohms to 30 ohms it was necessary to increase the VTA. The sound now has fantastic full bodied mids with inner detail, strong defined bass and rich clean highs.
dynavector xv1s (0.3mv) with vpi 10.5 tonearm and reference superscoutmaster, arc ref 3 line stage, pass x250.5 amp, magnepan 20.1s. i load with 30 ohms and gain at 71db. the gain and load is dependent on the combination of all links in the chain from cartridge to speakers in addition to being a personal preference.
At the suggestion of Dlenslem, who likes to set up his Koetsus 0.4mV at 1K with a VTF of 1.92-1.94 gr, I tried 1K and 1.92 gr. It was apparent immediately there was more energy/dynamics and much better imaging but I was unable to get enough timbre for me at 1K and after trying many VTA and VTF combinations dropped the impedance to 475 ohms with VTF at 1.922 gr which works for me. Just to check I tried 120 ohms and played with the VTA but imaging and dynamics weren't as good so I'll stay at 475 ohms/1.922 gr.

Thanks Dlenslem for your knowledgeable suggestion/help which resulted in a great learning experience and much better sound!!!