Cartridge Loading for a phono pre amp


I have recently acquired a phono pre amp recommended by Michael Fremer.  It is “THE VINYL”, from QHW audio, Spain.  It got a great review.  I have a Benz Micro Glider rated at 1.1MV.  I have no idea how to set the dip switches for MC Load impedance for this cartridge. The options I have are as follows: 47K, 1K, 560R, 470R, 100R, and 47R.  I have a solid state amp and pre-amp, and also have a sub that I use, rarely.

Any advice would be most appreciated!!



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In illustration using a very low output cartridge vs a very high output cartridge connected to the Current Input vs Voltage Input on the P1 


My Sonic Lab Ultra Eminent BC: 0.6Ω output 0.29mV 


Voltage Input: At 0.29 mV, the Wizard determined the optimal gain level at +70 dB of gain. This setting has audible hiss coming from the speakers at 30% volume without any record playing. On careful listening, the gain level was sufficient. Optimal loading was determined to be 180Ω by the Wizard. 


Current Input: At 0.6 Ω, the Wizard determined the optimal gain level to be I/V + 20 dB, but based on listening test I preferred a much lower setting of I/V + 5 dB. 


According to Ohm's Law where I = V/R, Current = 0.29 / 0.6 = 483 Micro Amps, a very sufficient level of gain based on the low impedance of the cartridge. 

  • Are you using ohms law with voltage to compute the output current?
  • I thought that the motors were generally current generating devices?
  • So is the impedance of the phono stage a DC reading?
  • And does and external loading become more like a V=I*R(total)