Cartridge Loading for a phono pre amp


I have recently acquired a phono pre amp recommended by Michael Fremer.  It is “THE VINYL”, from QHW audio, Spain.  It got a great review.  I have a Benz Micro Glider rated at 1.1MV.  I have no idea how to set the dip switches for MC Load impedance for this cartridge. The options I have are as follows: 47K, 1K, 560R, 470R, 100R, and 47R.  I have a solid state amp and pre-amp, and also have a sub that I use, rarely.

Any advice would be most appreciated!!


Latter on appeared the active high gain phono stages to drive LOMC in exclusive way with no facilities to handle MM/MI cartridges, even those LOMC phono stages cames ( even some today ) with impedance load different values choices coming from 100 ohms to 1k ( more or less. ) where no one came with the option to choose 47k.

This statement is misleading. It is correct that some of these phono sections that had/have switchable input impedance did/do not feature the standard 47K, probably on account of poor RFI management at the input of said phono sections. That does not change the simple fact that 47K is indeed the industry specs for cartridge loading.

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Dear @fundsgon  :  So you agree that 47k is standard for LOMC since appeared as is in the MM/MI cartridges ?

How on earth did you infer that I agree that 47k is standard for anything? Certainly not in my previous post.
I will say that I heartily enjoy Ralph’s posts, and hope to audition his new solid state amp in the not too distant future. I can also say that I’ll be testing my mc cartridge at 47k Ohms when I finish watching Last Kingdom. Je-me

That's an ad hominem attack, probably the laziest of all logical fallacies.

Thanks Cleeds, he (Raul) deleted the text from his post where he declared Ralph to be stupid. To me there is no place in this forum for that type of behaviour.

enjoy the music😂