Cartridge Loading...

My phono preamplifier has 65 dB of gain and a fixed 100 Ohm impedance load. I would like to use an MC cartridge that has a 0.5 mV output (which should be fine with 65 dB gain), but which requires an impedance load of greater than 500 Ohms.

I've heard somwehere that it is possible to have a tonearm cable custom built with internal componentry to create an impedance load of predetermined value, for a case such as this. Is that true, and if so do you know who can produce
one of these?
My suggestion is to contact the manufacturer of the preamp to see how they would recommend going about this. Chances are, they can tell you a few components within the preamp that can be easily altered to achieve whatever resistive loading that you like. If the manufacturer is out of business, try looking for someone that does modifications or repairs to that make / model of gear. Sean
Why not tell us what you have, so we can help with specifics.

The numbers read funny thoug: very hard to imagine a 0.5mV output MC has impedance requirement of 500 ohm (i.e. the number of coil turns is high...).
Don't get hung up on the loading thing. 100 ohms from a transformer sounds completely different than 100 ohms from SS step-up. You need to try your desired combination there may be other compatiablility issues at foot that swamp the impedance issue.
The solution is not to be hardly consearned and just plug and play. The bottom line might be that you won't need any higher loads. If you hear the music mushy and dim with big deal of rolled off high freequencies than you might consider to replace a load resistors with larger values just by opening the box and re-soldering.