Cartridge loading

Has anybody loaded a Blackbird Ho MC with any impedence load other than 47k ohms and if so how did it sound? What did you find to be the best load?
Start at 54db gain and load at 500ohm or less. 47k ohm will be very bright.
Are we talking about a Sumiko Blackbird here? If so, then Audiomax might want to provide some additional insight regarding his recommendations. Especially if he has first hand usage experience.

As far as I know, the Blackbird was designed to operate with a standard MM phono stage (i.e. loading of 47k ohm). Also, 54db should be much too high. 40 - 42 db should be optimal for the output of the Blackbird.

I do not use this cartridge. I am only going by the literature and specifications for this cartridge, which I have researched in the past and is on my short list of possible upgrades.

Blackbird HO MC is rated at 2.5mv output so you don't have to restrict its use with only MM phono stage's 47kohm. Since the Blackbird is a MC cartridge (at 2.5mv) I believe you can match with any MC phono stage to get more flexibility in terms of gain and loading settings. 54db gain and 500ohm loading are only a starting point. You can increase or decrease the gain but keep the loading below 500ohm for better sound in my opinion.