cartridge leads

I've ordered a new cartridge, so naturally I've started obsessing about the coming setup. I have all the usual setup tools (gotta get more Kontak) but am wondering about using new wire leads between the cartridge and the tonearm. I'm using some silver wire things now, have some allegedly gold wire things in waiting, but keep remembering ads for this and that super cartridge lead. Since changing other wires in my system have made significant sonic gains, it only seems reasonable that changing the wire that carries the smallest signal could too. Anybody have any suggestions?
Ridge Street Audio is offering a phono cable upgrade that looks to be impressive. I haven't had it done yet myself, but intend to.
I agree with your thougts. I'd like to try better phono leads than what was stock on my SME IV.Vi arm. Just I really don't know what I have and what's better...
Short distance relieves many problems, and silver that you already gots seems fine. I would be more concerned about cleaning.
The van den Hul leads, and the Cardas leads (especially because of the nifty Cardas clips) are my favorites.