cartridge issues

Hey guys, I have a question. I'm using a dynavector 10x5 cart. brand new, just set it up a couple of weeks ago. The other day, i was looking at the front of the cartridge while an lp was playing (checking the azimuth setting), and noticed that the stylus and cantilever were crooked, coming out of the cartridge pointing slightly to the right, the cantilever is straight and unkinked, it's the whole thing that is angled slightly toward the right. As far as i can tell it is not affecting the sound quality, as it sounds awesome, i'm just wondering if some of the more seasoned vinyl vets can give me some opinions on if this is a problem that needs to be corrected, or have you seen this type of thing before ? Thanks in advance.

You need to adjust your anti-skate. I've seen this and when the setting is corrected the cantilever straightens itself back with the cartridge body after a short time. If you still experience this phenomenon with the correct amount of anti-skate you're probably okay. I'd recommend you go to the FAQ section at Audio Asylum and check out the numerous permanent posts about cartridge setup.
Lugnut may be right, here's how to tell.

1) Set your antiskate to zero or disengage it somehow
2) With the TT off, drop the stylus on a mirror or dead wax area
3) Since the platter's not moving there's no skating force; with antiskate = 0 there's no antiskating force either; ergo the only force on the cart is straight vertical VTF
4) eyeball the cart as before

If it's straight, do what Lugnut said.
If it's still cockeyed, contact the seller and request a replacement. No reason to accept that in a new cartridge.
Hey Lugnut, I did check out audio asylum, and read a few of their posts on cartridge setup. One guy says, that the overhang adjustment, should be made lining up the stylus and cantilever, versus lining up the cart. body. This makes sense to me, do you think that would solve the problem, or not ? BTW Dougdeacon, i did what you suggested, and it is still crooked.

I have an opinion on this since I've seen it before. Please consider though that, like Doug says, this may not be what is going on. If you set up a new cartridge correctly but apply either too much or not enough anti-skate the tonearm will want to go one direction but the stylus keeps in the groove. The weakest part is the internal suspension and it gives. This is what I think has happened.

If you have got your anti-skate in the ball park now then play some junk records and see if the suspension gives in the other direction, straightening itself out. If this works then start your set up all over again.

For a ball park adjustment slowly drop your stylus down on a mirror. Watch out because it will want to swing one way pretty fast. Adjust anti-skate until it stays pretty much where you set it down. I think this is what Doug was trying to say above. Play the junk records and see if it straightens.

Cartridge bodies may not be straight with the cantilever when new and I agree with the fellow that says line up the cantilever. But in this case the cantilever may be tweaked from misuse so I can't say one way or the other. Based on your statement that you had used it for two weeks this is still my guess because these things are so obvious and you didn't notice it until recently.

Do you have a record with a blank area? One of the older cartridge test records may have it. Do you think the anti-skate was way off before? Did you install this yourself when it was new? If so, did you notice anything about the cantilever then? If you don't feel that you can exchange it for a new one then shoot me an email and we can arrange a call.

Hopefull Doug will chime in again too.