Cartridge interface with ARC PH3SE

I am using an Audio Research PH3 SE phono section in an all Audio Research system (ARC Ref 3 and ARC VT200) with a VPI Classic at one end and a new pair of Magnepan 3.7s at the other. The PH3 only has 54 db of gain so the ultra low output cartridges are out. (I wanted a new Lyra but was told the output wasn't high enough to work.) Any suggestions for a system that will playback mostly mainstream jazz and 60's R&R?

Another option might be to get the Lyra or ZYX and switch out phono sections. Any suggestions for THAT scenario?
My Lyra Parnassus has (or rather, had) a very low output and I can use it with my SP9 which offers similar gain (although a little more is appreciated), so I think you'll be OK.

That said, I think your PH3SE could probably use an upgrade, given the rest of your gear. A used PH7 would likely do wonders to your system!
Wynnosu, I have a similar ARC set up, Ref 5 (pre), VS 115 (amp) and PH-7 (phono). The PH-7 has 58 db gain. I've spoken with Cal at ARC on several occassions about the type of cartys that will match best with the PH-7. He has consistently advised me that I should load the PH-7 with a carty that has an output of .7mV or more. Definitely not less than .5mV. Btw, I also own the VPI Classic. Pull my threads that talk about the many configuration problems I had matching cartys to the JMW uni-pivot. I ultimately settled on the Sound Smith VPI Zephyr, a moving iron type cartridge. The Zephyr output is about 2.3 mV. Peter Ledermann and Harry Weisberg collaborated on the design of the Zephyr. Needless to say, it's a "hand in glove" match with the Classic and sounds almost as good as the Clear Audio Maestro Wood -- which is one heck of a MM carty, probably the best MM on the market. IME and IMO.