Cartridge installation

I was wondering if anyone can recommend a person or shop in the greater Charlotte area who can install an Ortofon A90 on my SME V? Thank you for your advice and assistance.
Chances are, you are better at it than the pros. It takes lots of time to install it correctly....and then check and recheck the results. A pro will set it up to approximate values....the devil is in the may take a few days...a pro is not going to put in the time.
It's really easy to install a cartridge in a modern SME arm. Honest. Just follow the detailed directions in the manual.
>>09-13-11: Stringreen
It takes lots of time to install it correctly<<

Not true.

With the proper tools/instruments, it doesn't take much time at all.

It's not rocket science.
I agree - cartridge installation is easy. The only concern is taking care must not to break anything (eg, tags/wires, stylus). I think it's a skill all vinyl-phile should have.
You're both install it doesn't take very long, but fine tuning it for best sound takes time.
What do you mean by fine tuning?
Get a test record to check your installation.
Your ears are the best test record.
I should have said it takes ME lots of time to install a cartridge. New cartridges are constantly changing and a good installation on the first day could be made better by the 5th day.
Well, I left out the trouble of mounting the cart, which as we all know takes all 3 hands if the cart doesn't have threads. Do it when you're alert and relaxed, not jittery or fatigued.

I suppose a pro could fine adjust VTF, VTA, and anti-skate. The 5 does not offer azimuth adjustment. However, supposing a pro was good enough to fine adjust VTA by ear, it would be off with the first record that wasn't as thick as the reference he used.

As for alignment, that's not something that should be set "by ear". I'd just use the alignment jig provided by SME. I doubt you could do better except perhaps with a Mint protractor customized for the arm and cartridge.

My advice:

* Set VTA by setting the arm as level as shown in the manual, relative to some beater Lp in your collection with a typical thickness.

* Set the VTF to the highest specified for the cart so you get the best tracking (more important that lower VTF).

* Align using the SME jig (on top of the same beater Lp). As they say in the manual, you may have to look to the left or right of center to make it line up, but as long as it *does* line up you've got the alignment right.

* Set the anti-skate as specified in the manual.

To me the whole point of the SME arms is that they make dialing in the correct settings easy so you don't need a guru to set things up.
The test record (Hi Fi News) enables me to check the alignment and resonant frequencies via test tones.
Alignment is best set with a good protractor and a pair of ears.

Not a test record.
The process taht Daverz describes is the exact same that I use. The other nice aspect of the SME Arm is that once dialed in, it stays.