cartridge install issue

Hi all,
Quick question. Installed a new cart last night and although the sound is fine it is out of balance by about 2 feet. No amount of adjustment made any difference. When I put the old cartridge back on the sound was centered again.
my question is could it be the cartridge or probably installer error. Have set up many carts without a problem.
I did buy the cart used supposedly with low hour. I believe the seller. So its probably me.

your opinions will greatly appreciated

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Use a test record to check channel balance. Check azimuth while you are at it. Make sure the cartridge is aligned properly although from what you say, it probably is. Most likely with a little fiddling you can get channels balanced, although it is also possible that the cartridge itself could have a problem. If you have access to a microscope take a look to make sure the stylus is perpendicular to the cantilever. If it is not pretty straight, which is not as rare as you'd think, that can cause the problem you mention. Usually, though, this can be adjusted for my slightly twisting the cartridge body in the head-shell. Frankly, when this happens it is a PITA to fix as in essence you are deliberately mis-aligning the cartridge. If the cartridge is high value and from a reputable manufacturer it might be possible to return it to them for evaluation and repair if you can't dial it in yourself.
I'm not sure if it will apply in your case, but phono cartridges break in a lot. They sound terrible new. You need to put at least 50 to 100 hours on them before you make any judgements.

Make sure that when you install the new cartridge, none of the pins are touching each other.
If the anti-skating is not correct it will cause that problem. Fool with it and see if that helps!
All of the above plus increase the VTF to the highest in the cartridge's range, or even .1 gm higher. See if that helps.

If all this fiddling doesn't restore the balance, conclude that this used cartridge is not properly balanced and if it continues to bother you seek a return and refund.
The cartridge is not balanced and needs replacement; the output from both channels should be equivalent right from the start. But please make sure you have the connections correct from the cartridge pins.
What arm are you using??
Oops,Seems I have two threads going about the same thing. Forgot that I sent the other one. Have been dealing with an ice storm and 3 inches of sleet. Will be using the other thread. Thanks for your suggestion though. Will have time this weekend. I Hope