Cartridge Inspection Bay Area

A number of years ago I purchased a Rega P9 TT with a Cardas ruby cartridge.  Have been using this happily ever since.  These were both purchased used and I've wanted to get the cartridge inspected just to get some confirmation of its overall condition.  It sounds great so perhaps this is just a case of audio nervosa!  But I have wondered as these were purchased used and cartridges do wear.  Any suggestions on who might be able to provided this kind of service in the Bay Area would be very much appreciated.
True Sound in Campbell is a. Rega warranty repair station and probably could inspect your cartridge...but they’re closer to San Jose.  Otherwise, anyone with a stylus microscope, which includes many dealers. You would have to call around. 
Tim at Tone of Music in the city might be able to help you. It certainly would be be worth a phone call.
Give Walter Davies at The Last Factory in Livermore a call. He has an electron microscope (if you don't know, Last makes products for reducing wear of styli, LP's, recording tape, etc.), and may be willing to take a look at your stylus. If not, he may be able to refer you to someone who will.