cartridge ideas $200-$300.......

HI all,

I am in real need of a decent cart for a Grado Signature arm mounted to a SOTA star/saphire with a tube MM/MC phono,
my dad is gonna help me out with some cash (I am on a fixed income)
Anyway this is a very important purchase for me new or used, so please let the ideas fly, or if anyone has one I could demo (I can insure with a deposit or something) I would be really grateful with any help or ideas.
As always thanks for reading! Chad
Nice arm Chad. I guess that it would be a bit obvious to suggest the Grado Sonata, which will sound great in that arm. Nice alternatives would be the Dynavector 10x5 for a high output MC and the Audio Technica ATOC9mkll for a low output MC. The Grado will be the richest sounding, the Dyna next and the AT is a tad light sounding. The Denon 301 (not the 103) would probably be a good match to the arm as well and sounds very nice. It is a low output MC. The Sonata and Dyna would have to be bought second hand or on some type of accomodation to meet the price point. The others are in the budge new.
what do you think of a dyna 20XL?, I am leaning towards a used one.
I second the Grado . . . if you can find one used w/i your price range.
3rds on the Grado used. Even worth saving your sheckles.
if you're pre can handle the low output of the dyna, and if the used one has relatively low hours on it, i'd say go for it. a very good cart, very musical. im using one a vpi scoutmaster and the dyna p75 pre and it's terrific.
I heard the the Dyna 20XL beats the Denon DL-103 by a bit but a used cartridge is dicey. You might get lucky, you might not.

A new Cartridge that is a winner in that $ category is the DL-160... but the Denon DL-103* needs at least 60dB gain on that preamp.

From my understanding all the carts mentioned above are of the the same sound signature except for the Audio Technica which some say is colder. I prefer the Denon sound over the Grado or Audio Technica.