cartridge hum on right channel

I was wondering is it possible to damage a high output moving coil cartridge by leaving your stereo system powered up while you're exchanging VPI armwands. I had the volume turned down while doing this. I was trying a new cartridge that I've discovered has a hum on the right channel. I'm not certain this hum was always there or whether i caused it by not powering down my system. Any input would be appreciated? Thanks

Static discharge, even at zero attenuation, can do all kinds of funky things. Time for the for the isolation drill. Presuming you have checked another input source and it's OK, change out the armwand to the one that you knew (last time anyway) that worked properly. No hum? Reinstall the questionable combo. Hum? Start disconnecting leads one-at-a-time beginning at the cartridge while remembering to turn off the rest of the gear in-between.

Good luck & happy listening!
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