Cartridge help with Rega Planar 3

I have just purchased a used Planar 3 with the RB300 arm. I need to get a cartridge for it and I am considering the budget Rega (Bias-$125) or a Sumiko Blue Point. Any advice is appreciated as well as other cartridges under $150. I don't have experience installing and setting up but it doesn't appear to be to complicated. The rest of my system is a C-J PV10a preamp, Hafler 9500 power amp and Spica TC-60 speakers. Most of my old records are 70's classic rock although I am now into a wide variety, especially enjoying female vocalists like Krall, Cowboy Junkies etc. Thanks for the help.
I would spend the extra bucks and go for the Dynavector 10x4 mkII it kills the blue point special
Dynavector not a bad idea but why not check out that Clearaudio that got a B rating from Stereophile?Call Music Direct and get soem advice on it.I'm a fan of Grado but you would need a Mu-metal mat to keep hum out when arm is at end of record.Still the Paltinum @$300 kicks butt!!!I had a Super Elys and you have to think Rega is going to make a good match for their table.Nice rigid designs (what Rega wants with their Arm designsi.e. no VTA etc)though a bit brite and not as lush as some others a price point.
Dynavector 20 or Clearaudio or a Signet MR 50 - if you can find one- NOT Sumiko
The Grados' Black/Green/Red all sell for under $100.00 and are great rock & roller carts for Rega. At ~$225 is the Denon-103, another well documented Rocker. You need at least a Shure Guage ~$20. and a protractor(hopefully you got one with table). Set-up on The P3/RB300 is quite simple and straight forward. The Rega/Grado hum is well documented and for most people is not a problem. For more info go to Check the FAQ section, plenty of turntable set-up info. See you there
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Thanks everyone for the help. I would still like some comments on the sound of the Bias and Blue Point. I have been told the Blue Point lacks bass. Are Audio Technica or Ortofon still quality brands. As I said, I haven't been into vinyl in 20 years.
Just forget about the Sumikos, Bias & Elys
i have an Ortofon OM super 30 (moving magnet) on my RB 300 arm which is very detailed but bright.
about $200. i've heard good things about the goldring, especially the 1042. check out for great cartridge info for the rb300