Cartridge Help with LP-12/Ekos

Can anyone make a MM cartridge recommendation for my LP-12 table? As an interim step until my just-purchased (pre-owned!) Arkiv is rebuilt and a Linto phono pre-amp is bought, I think I'm going to have to go with some type of moving magnet for a while. Help!! This is the rig:

LP-12 Lingo (serial # low 8200's)
Ekos II

Any help at all would be great!!!!
If you cannot locate a Promethean( the MM made in Las Vegas)--go with the Grace F9E.

Good Hunting,

I used a van den Hul MM-1 moving magnet w/my LP12 for several years until I could afford the MC-1 I use now. It is a fine sounding moving magnet, but only available used or NOS now I think.
As a long time owner of an LP12, I've used numerous cartridges; both MC & MM. I'm currently using a Clearaudio Arum Beta S (new lead body version) with results so great that I'm not going to replace it with another MC. The dynamics, detail, imaging and naturalness are all outstanding. There is non of the usual HI-FI sound so often found with MC's. I would say that it takes the best atributes of MC's and MM's and places them inside with a naturalness that has to be heard to be believed. This cartridge proves that price alone is not a reliable guide to quality.
I'm pretty sure our local Linn Dealer (Avant Garde in Chicago) sells the Linn cartridges as well as Dynavector, Grado, and Benz-Micro (the Benz are MC). I assume all must work well, because they don't sell any other turntables that I'm aware of.
Rega cartridges also work very well with the LP-12. Try either the Elys, Super Elys, or Exact.