Cartridge help: Ortofon Cadenza vs. Soundsmith Paua

I recently ordered a VPI Avenger with a 12" 3d arm and need help choosing between the Ortofon Cadenza (bronze or black, though I'd lean toward the bronze because it is the warmer of the two) vs the Soundsmith Paua.  My preferences are for a sound that is not overly detailed, but smooth through entire range, warmer side of neutral, wonderful midrange, and not overly dynamic, lively, detailed where listening fatigue can set in.  

I've previously had a VPI Prime turntable and Ortofon Quintet Black.  It certainly wasn't bad but have been hearing wonderful things about Soundsmith.  My phono stage is the Zesto Andros 1.2, so loading and gain should not be an issue with either.  
Here is SS cartridge warrantee and rebuild/retip statement:
"Our Cartridges are guaranteed for one or two years, with the exception of the Hyperion and Helios, which are covered for a full 10 years, including free retipping (!!) to the original owner. An absolutely unheard of warranty for cartridges. And - we can rebuild any of our cartridges always and repeatedly for only 20% - so they are the best long term values around. Cartridge rebuilds for other manufacturers? Yes, over 40 years of this work - One year warranty."

Ortolan rebuilds the Cadenza Bronze for 930 pounds.  I didn't do the conversion to dollars.
I demoed the Transfiguration Axia from my dealer in my system, but ultimately decided to order the Soundsmith Paua.  I'm currently breaking it in.  Thanks for all the suggestions and help.
I guess I should resurrect this thread. I bought a cadenza bronze at the beginning of this year and mounted it in my vpi Prime Signature. It was nice albeit a little dry for my taste. Not special like my koetsu black was. I broke it in with the requisite 50 hours and then put another 50 on. Just could not love it. I caught the 50 off sale on the Paua mkii and from the second I mounted it was totally blown away. Once it broke in for about 50 hours it started throwing the largest Soundstage into my room that I have ever heard. Very wide and extremely deep. The cartridge is dynamic and detailed without any harshness or sibilance. Very smooth presentation and I don't feel I am missing anything from the grooves. Extended top to bottom with a very defined midbass. The rebuild price is 550 dollars not bad for a 4 thousand dollar cartridge. The only thing I fear is how much I will miss this when it comes to the point where I have to send it out for a rebuild