Cartridge help

Recently replaced a worn Sumiko blue point evo3 with an Ortofon quintet blue, everything appears to be set properly but my high end is missing.  The new cartridge has about 25 hours on it and is being used with a VPI Scout Aries and a Parasound Halo 2.1. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.
looks like a pretty huge change going from a 2.5mv output to a 0.5mv output.  First off the suggested weighting on the new cart is 2.3gram which is more than your original cart.  Looks like the low output Ortofon needs a load impedance of 20ohm, and your preamp has only 47kohm and 100ohm.  So try 100ohm, but you might need less.  If you can borrow another phono preamp that might be helpful or borrow a step up transformer.  Make sure the cart is parallel or if you can zoom in on the stylus check to see if it sitting level in the groove.  or try normal vinyl, 180gram, and 200gram to see if one gives you more highs pointing out that your arm height needs to be adjusted.
VTA is the first thing I would check. Raise the tonearm by several millimeters and see if that improves things. 

Ortofon recommends an input load impedance greater than 20 Ohms. 100 Ohms should be fine. But if you want to try 20, you can make RCA cheater plugs with either a 27 or a 33 Ohm resistor wired in parallel. 
everything appears to be set properly but my high end is missing ...
What procedure did you follow to set this up? Did you use a gauge with a mirrored surface that actually aligns the cantilever, such as the Mint or WallyTractor gauges? Did you use a VTA gauge?
I'm using an Ortofon Winfield.  When loaded as directed I too felt that the highs (openness) was not quite there.   I experimented and found 1000 ohms more to my liking....of coarse, its just a matter of taste.
Thanks for all the suggestion so far. I used the VPI alignment jig for set up.
You have switched to MC at the back of the amp? Try the 47k MC mode.