Cartridge Help

Looking for a change. Currently I am using a Dynavector XS-1s with an Aesthetix Rhea phono stage and Micro Seiki 1500 table/505 Arm.

Intrigued by Benz LP-S, Air Tight PC-1 the most, but just curious what else to chase. Really liked an older Benz I had that brought a bit of warmth to the music...not sure if the LPS would be so polite. Just chasing a holy grail here...I know the XS-1 is great, always curious if something will jive better with my system as a whole.
My friend went from the XV-1S to the Van Den Hul Colibri Gold XGP.
He feels it was a significant upgrade.
FYI: He uses a Brinkmann Balance turntable and an ARC Ref. 2 SE phono preamp.

I bought his XV-1S when he upgraded and loved it so much that when I wore it out, I bought another one.

Good luck in your search!
The Dyna is more analytical than the BenzLPS....the Benz more "organic"...that is more musical (to me). I guess it also depends on your other components.