cartridge help.

Which cartridge would be a good match for a budget system of a NAD 3020 and Technics SL-D3.Read info on Shure M97xe,Grado Black1, AT95e and Ortofon 2m Red.Seem like all could be a good match,but would like other opinions as well.Maybe other ideas in this price range also.thank you.
IMHO, either the Shure or the Ortofon.
I agree with MoFi... I had the 3020 when it first was introduced and used it in a system for 20 years. The amp itself is a little laid back and very musical, but a cartridge that was a little more forward worked best with it in my system. I started with a Signet and ultimately used a Shure cartridge with it. It did not work well with the Grados that I tried IMHO, though they worked well with a different system.
Denon DL-110. You won't be sorry that you spent a few extra dollars.
The 3020 doesn't have a MC phono i think? It's the series 20.
I'm not sure if you are referring to my recomendation, but the Denon DL110 is a high output moving coil cartridge that is designed to work into MM phono stages such as the excellent one in the 3020.

Sometimes these guys have it in stock for a sharp price:

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Ok,didn't realize that about the Denon.just getting back into analog,sorry about that.
I like the Sumiko Pearl...seems worth the $125 as it really sounds amazing (Akito arm).
I just wanted to mention that I believe the phono stage in the 3020 is better than the supposedly same one in the stand-alone 1020 phono stage that NAD made. Don't ask me why. To beat it, the RGR preamp/phono was significantly better(my audio guy said the RGR is like a mini Boulder.). I'm sure the RGR has been bettered by many, in the years that have gone by. While this doesn't answer your question about a cartridge, it gives you an area that can be improved on in the future.