Cartridge for VPI Scoutmaster Sig

I'm looking for recommendations on a cartridge for a VPI Scoutmaster Signature.
Ortofon Rondo Bronze.

Also, use the search. There are probably dozens of threads on selecting a cartridge for the Scout, Scoutmaster, and Signature.
I asked this question awhile back and received several great responses - here is the thread:

I ended up using a Clearaudio Maestro Wood and love it. I have never had any issues with the cartridge on the JMW9 - it is a wonderful match. I am tracking at 2.1gm with a perfectly level VTA.
A lot of it has to do with what speakers you are using.
And to add to what headsnappin wrote, what Phono Stage are you using, what is its gain, and loading capabilities for a good Cartridge match, and do you currently plan to possibly upgrade to a different phono stage in the near future?

The Clearaudio Maestro previosuly mentioned is a MM Cartridge, with high output, and am not at all dissing such what I'm sure is an extremely fine Cartridge.

But I think we need some more details as to what type of Cartridge, MC, or MM, what phono stage you use, what Arm (We assume a VPI JMW) what type of music you mostly listen to, and also, the bottom line, what kind of price range would you prefer to stay within?

So many folks here have been arounf the block so to speak, have virtually tried every know combination of equipment known to man, so a better description will give you more accurate, and better compatible ideal matches for your personal set up, and tastes.
Thanks for the responses. To try to address some of the questions:

I listen mostly to jazz, rock and blues.
I don't have a phone stage - I'd like to think a phono stage in an Ayre or Boulder preamp (or other), but I'd be happy to look in whatever direction.
I'm somewhat flexible on price, but lets say the budget is $4-5K for the phono stage and cartridge (total).

Speakers are the Dynaudio Saphires and amps are SimAudio W-10's. Preamp will probably be upgraded, either to the Boulder or Ayre mentioned above, or other.