Cartridge for VPI Scoutmaster and Bottlehead gear.

I just purchased a VPI Scoutmaster with JMW 9 standard arm and am needing to get a cartridge. My current phone stage is the Seduction tube amp I built several months ago with the C4s upgrade. My amp will be the SEX amp which I plan on building this or next week. I am going to try two different pairs of speakers; the Soliloquys 5.0's and Paradigms Studio 60's v2. Bottlehead recommends high output cartridges with there preamp. From reading reviews, the Music Maker seems to correlate to my tastes, but it seems like that cart is an iffy with my arm. What are your suggestions? I listen to mostly New Age, Classical, instrumental, and early 60's and 70's music.
When I purchased my Scoutmaster(a few years ago) Harry W. at VPI recommended both the Dynavector 20X and the Sumiko Blackbird.I got a great deal on the Dynavector and enjoyed it immensely! I recall that Harry preferred the Blackbird,but did not hear it on that table.
I use a Shure V15VxMRon my HW-19 mkiv with jelco/audioquest arm and my Seduction. Cant speak to the JMW arm but the Shure and the Seduction go very well together.
I had a Blackbird and loved it, if that helps.
I have a Scoutmaster with a Dyna 20X S.V. 1.0mv output it is a match made in heaven!!! VPI has this cartridge it is their special version.
Dynavector is good as unlike another good cart shelter it's smooth across bandwidth.My friend likes his 17D but thinks output at 2.23 is a bit low.Over performer for cheap is Denon DL series.I have wondered about the Zu modded 103's.Sumiko another good choice though.I am using Grado because I got really good deal but unless you can spend $1200 on one I would go elsewhere.If you could go deep Lyra Dorian get's good press at $1500.I'd guess Sumiko BB.
One thing everyone needs to keep in mind is the OP's Seduction phono stage has 40db of gain and is locked at 47k with 50pf capacitive loading.

I would go with a Shure V15 III, IV, or V and the Jico stylus; shoudl run in the $300 range and work fantastic as Grinnell has already pointed out. The low capcitance of the Seduction does something magic to those Shure's...

If you just have to go "new" then a Ortofon 2M Black would be very nice too.
Vinyladdict: Does this mean I should upgrade my phono stage? I was thinking of building the Eros Bottlehead preamp in the future, but might do it sooner than later if necessary.

Reading the forums and reviews elsewhere, there seems to be a consensus of the Dynavector 20 and Sumiko Blackbird as the best for my VPI table. In general, I prefer a more warm sounding setup. Which of the two are warmer?

I want to limit my cartridge budget to around $500 at this time and am willing to buy used, though I am willing to go a little higher if cost is justified in sound.
The Shure and my Seduction are a sweet combo. A tad warm but full even range of tonality. The Seduction with my Grado Gold was nice, great for blues but with classical it was too much mid range and too warm.

A higher end grado may work for your JMW. Doesnt VPI sell a version?
I love the Seduction and don't think you need to upgrade it. The Eros is MM only too.

If you really want to go the Low Output Moving Coil route, then I would suggest getting a step-up-transformer (SUT). The SUT will allow you run MC carts through the Seduction without problem.

The Dynavector 20 is a fantastic cartridge, I didn't care too much for the Blackbird, myself. The high output DV-20H **MAY** give you enough output to run through the Seduction, but it's only 2mv if I remember correctly and that's going to be pushing it with the Seduction.

The more I've thought about it, if it were me, with your musical tastes, I'd do one of the following:

Shure V15VMR + Jico SAS (~$300)
Jico SAS-MM1 (~$240 and FANTASTIC!)
Ortofon 2M Black (used ~$400)

Or, add a tad to your budget and get a Bob's Cinemag SUT (~$400 new/$275 used) and a Dynavector 20XL (~$300 used).
I use the Ortofon 2M Blue on one of my tables and it is a terrific cartridge,warmer than the Black or the Bronze.
I got a scoutmaster with a Pro-ject TubeBox SE II, my soundsmith retipped Grace Ruby sounds wonderful in my setup.
I have a Scoutmaster with a Benz Micro Glider HO into a Wright phono pre. I'm not changing a thing!