Cartridge for VPI HW-19 MK-III with Rega RB300

My cleaning lady ripped the stylus off my Grado (low end wooden body) cartridge the other day and I'm looking for something new. My system is a VPI HW-19 MK-III to a Mcintosh integrated that goes to a pair of BWs. My budget is between $300-700.

I bought the turntable with the cartridge already installed so I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to analog...

Thanks for any help!
Audio Technica AT150MLX
Dynavector DV20X2H
Did you like the Grado? If so get another Grado. The Sonata is in your price range.
I had really good sound with an AT-OC9ML on a -19 III with a Premier FT-3 arm. Other possible options for the RB-300 might include a Denon 103R and an AT-33EV. All of these options would also require a step-up transformer, but that would fit in your budget.
Ortofon 2M Blue ($230) or Black ($550). they are very easy to install due to predrilled/threaded holes and the body is shaped for easy fit on nearly all arms. And the most important-very musical cartridges.

If youre looking for MC, I think the Zu mod of Denon 10R looks very interesting.
Man, thanks for all the responses. I did like the Grado, but my turntable is the only vinyl I've heard, so maybe there's something better out there?

There's a Zu mod in the for sale section that looks interesting..