Cartridge for VPI Classic 3 SE

Any suggestions for cartridges that work well with the VPI Classic 3 SE.  My system is bit on the cooler side of neutral, so I would like to add a cartridge that is on the warm side of neutral.  Thanks.
I'm running the Soundsmith Zephyr on my Classic 3.  Sounds great. Like you, I I was also looking for "on the warmer side of neutral" and it meets that description for me.  

For more info, see my post here:
Not enough INFO in your post!

What is your budget, and associated equipment?

What are your musical tastes?
Budget up to $2K.  I listen to Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock.  I have the MacIntosh C-48 which has a MM and MC phono stage.
I suggest you look at the Audiogon thread on the Audio Technica Art-9.
Ortofon Cadenza Bronze, slightly over your budget, but you may be able to find a dealer who'll sell one for $2K.
Ortofon 2M Black or any of the Cadenas.  Soundsmith Zephyr. 
Let me suggest to you the original Shelter 901 not the Shelter 901 II or III. There is a guy on eBay, 2 juki, that has them from time to time for 1,200.00, I have bought 2 from him over the last 5 years and he can be trusted. These are very special carts and some feel that they are as good as it gets and when they wear out the Soundsmith ruby cantilevered rebuild at 250.00 really is sweet.

Also, Try the Clearaudio Maestro Ebony v2. One of the most Beautiful sounding Ive heard.

Matt M