Cartridge for Thorens TD-160 MK1 ?


I have just purchased a vintage Thorens TD 160. It is equipped with a Shure M91ED cartridge. The deck is in I would estimate a 9/10 condition given its age. The deck is all stock, no mods.

I am pretty happy with the sound of the cartridge, especially considering it is not new either. I have not checked the cartridge alignment myself, but the seller told me he aligned it and he has plenty of experience with Thorens.

I have adjusted the tracking force to 1.25G using my digital scale.

However, if I were to upgrade to a new cartridge, any tips? It has the TP16 tonearm, and original headshell so I would prefer to stick with a cartridge designed to mount with the screws up under the underside. Not interested in trying to mount a cartridge that would require tweaking for it to mount.

Thanks for any help. This is my first foray into a vintage deck, and enjoying it a lot so far.

PS - Right now I am burning some vinyl onto my PC hard drive using Roxio. My deck connects through a Lehmann Audio Back Cube phonostage into my NAD C372, and then analog out into my PC soundcard. Works very well with some great sounding digital files that retain a lot of the analog magic.


I have a TD 145 which is essentially the same table but with an automatic raised tonearm and shut off feature. I'm not a fan of the TP16 myself but am early in the TD 145 modification process. From my understanding given the advice of Thorens veterans, the Thorens can handle whatever cartridge you wish to mount. At this point, I would suggest looking at your phono-stage.