Cartridge for Thorens TD-160 also Phonoamp

Finally have all my HT equipment and currently blowing the dust of my analog stuff. My analog equip is as follows- Cary integrated amp, Stealth phono amp, TD-160 table and JM Lab Electra 926 Speakers. Need to to setup a new cartridge on my SME-3009 Tonearm. I listen to mostly alternative, jazz and classic rock(no head banging stuff).

I spun a record the other day and it sounded pretty good through the my old Stealth phono amp but then I have'nt spun an album in years so may not know what im missing.

Would someone please suggest a cartidge($200 range) and possibly some phonoamps ($1000 max). I have always bought used off the Gon and never been disappointed.

Thank you!
I have been extremely pleased with my Denon DL-160 (hi output MC) in an SME 3009II arm, Thorens TD-125, Tube Audio Design TAD-150 preamp setup. You can get them for less than $200.
I have the following Thorens combinations and can highly recommend the following carts:

TD 125 Mk. 1 with SME 3009 Series II (early) - Ortofon 2M Blue

TD 125 Mk.1 with SME 3009 Series II Improved - Audio Technica AT150Ti

TD 160 with TP16 arm and TP60 headshell - Benz Micro MC20E2

All of the above carts are in the $150 to $250 range new/used.

The Cambridge 640P is a fine budget phonostage to start with, the Rogue Audio Stealth a nice $700-$800 choice and the Graham Slee Era Gold Mk.V is really nice around $1000.

I've had all of the above and can recommend each. You might consider picking up a nice vintage receiver by Kenwood, Luxman, Tandberg and/or McIntosh. Some of the top of the line models by these mfrs. have really fine phonostages and you can get a killer tuner as well.

Good luck!
I have a Thorens TD 160 and was seeking some cartridge advice. The Audio Technica AT 150Ti was most often cited. I haven't tried it yet, but when I get back around to using this table, that will be the cartridge I purchase.
Best to ID which model the 3009 is.

Their effective mass can vary quite a bit, depending upon the version/model.
Here's more info (check these links)...
A lot of folks don't think its very "audiophile", but try to the Shure M97xe. They can be had for less than $100 and they're a great value. I had this cart on a TD-160 super and was really impressed with it for the $$. Even more so when I ran it through a Pro-ject Tube Box. It won't be the last word in super high-end detail, but the timbres are really great and the IMHO the over all sound was very satisfying.